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I give back with my time, talent, and passion. Keeping busy with more than just a living, but with a purpose.

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WordCamp NYC 2020

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WordPress NYC Meetup Community Organizer

image of n y c meetupI am one of the community organizers for the NYC WordPress Meetup, and frequent HelpDesk Helper. We have meetups both in Brooklyn and in Manhattan.

Community Team

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Steve Bruner

Community Organizer Lead

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Mervin Hernandez

Helpdesk Helper

WP Notification Project 🔔

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This is a project dedicated to rethinking the way WordPress manages and delivers notifications to the admin users.

Project Team

image of jon bossengerJonathan Bossenger

Project Organizer Lead

image of mervin hernandezMervin Hernandez

Project Organizer Assistant

WordCamp NYC 2020

Lead Organizer

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WordCamp NYC 2019

Lead Organizer

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WordCamp US 2019


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WordCamp NYC 2018


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WordCamp NYC 2017


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WordCamp US 2016


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WordCamp NYC 2015


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WordCamp NYC 2014