NYC 10X Meetup 2021

Interest - 10X NYC Meetup

Thanks for your interest in the NYC 10X Meetup Group. Please share with me how you are interested in the group, your suggestion for how frequently we should meet, whether you prefer online or virtual. I promise this information will only be used for organizing the group, and later on we will create a different process to share information among each other. Thanks again! -Mervin
  • This is a suggestion, to be discussed among all of us on the meetup.
  • This too will be discussed and agreed among the team.
  • Are you interested in speaking? Are you in the NYC area and available to help organize meet-ups? Do you know of venue spaces that we could use around town? This is all still an idea, and I would welcome your thoughts on how to make it a quality encouraging business group. Share anything you wish here, including contact information if you're interested in helping host and form the team.